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Antioxidant Brightening Serum

Antioxidant Brightening Serum


29 ml

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Renew your radiance. 

This skin brightening serum helps reduce signs of pigmentation, reduces further pigmentation and has an anti- inflammatory effect on the skin. An oil-free hydrator, it helps in the prevention of free radical damage.

  • Packed with Vitamin C 
  • Skin lighteners & brighteners Mallow, Bearberry and Mulberry
  • Gooseberry that will help lighten and brighten pigmentation
  • Tyrosinase inhibitors prevent further pigment from forming

Directions for use

Apply to clean skin morning and evening. Follow with SPF in the am and we recommend following with a night cream in the pm. This serum is ideal for daily use and a must when undergoing advanced skin treatments or laser hair removal on the face. Lightening serum is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.